The Need To Tell Your Story Wisely In Today's Busybody World

A busybody domain. Anyone can now become a reporter or producer and freely publish their content about others on their own social media sites.

The Need To Tell Your Story Wisely In Today's Busybody World
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And one can also write comments about others on other people social media sites as and when one likes. But not till one is summoned in the court of law for producing offensive, seditious or unethical content by the other party.  

In today’s busybody domain, one needs to tell his or her story well before someone else does.

For instance, anyone could directly or indirectly write about someone else on their own social media sites. Moreover, one can also make comments on other people accounts, while the account holder cannot wishfully delete the comment deemed inaccurate in his or her own social media account. By deleting it one is presumed for being non-transparent or going against the freedom of expression.

Nonetheless, one could only respond to such a comment. Sooner or later, the netizens may get a better sense of both sides of the story. However, if the response is weak or not there to be found, then there is no one else to take the blame except for the former.

Eventually, it goes back to basic in communications. Basically, there are challenges in the form of barriers to effective communications. This may not be easy as ‘noise’ appears in a variety of ways – psychological, physiological, physical and semantic. Moreover, a ‘sender’ of a message will likely waste time and energy if he or she fails to understand that now the ‘receivers’ have their own channel of preferences and the liberty to block or reject any incoming message.

In business, a good product or service is no longer a ticket to success since a negative or even a half-truth story about it can create misconceptions. Furthermore, the matter could get complicated when it is scrutinized on online consumer review sites. Many small and medium-sized companies may not be aware that misunderstandings could affect the business reputation and also survival. Ultimately, no one knows everything and practically, there will be no ‘one-size-fits-all solution to this issue.

The media and user communications landscape has changed drastically and one needs to seek for experts to assist in meeting new challenges or even opportunities that may come together to succeed.

Hence, do you have a choice not to wisely tell your own story in this busybody world? 

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