Redefining Happiness

Defining happiness need not be a complex task. Do away with superficial associations and focus on discovering simple, genuine joys. It's already surrounding you.

I think you will agree with me on this. At times, happiness is hard to define. Simply because for the longest time, we have associated it with success, positions, relationships and a bunch of other things outside of our space. Know though that all those are based on social constructs people have created for us, the majority of which we have embraced as our own truths, regardless if worked for us or not.

We live each day based on the standards of others, on the unreasonable metrics that were just handed down to us. On that note, how can you become your own #bestmeever if you don't follow what's genuine within? Come to think of it, if you knew that you can redefine your own happiness, what will it look like? Don't worry, no judgments here. 

Know that you have that power of choice: to take responsibility for your happiness and your life. Hopefully, this new podcast of mine can help you reflect and recalibrate as you redefine your own happiness, based on your own terms. Happy listening guys!