Quit now! Is that what your mind tells you every time you wake up?

Perhaps it's time to pay attention to your thoughts.

Quit now! Is that what your mind tells you every time you wake up?
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

There is no excuse to be in a toxic corporate environment, especially when they know what is wrong but are unwilling to change and will go to great measures to intellectually rationalize how business is done. Toxic workplace culture is harmful because of either awful coworkers or abusive and power-tripping managers. In any case, the firm has permitted it to occur. What do they say about corporate culture? It begins from the top.

Yes, even if a company has done everything possible to create a welcoming and productive environment, no organization is flawless, and you must be patient and tolerant in such a situation. Minor flaws, on the other hand, are on the opposite end of the spectrum from a completely toxic culture, which you should leave as soon as possible.

So what is a good corporate culture then?

A great corporate culture is like salt: it is imperceptible yet makes its absence felt. The most important thing to remember about corporate culture is that you can't be good at everything, and if you try, you'll fail terribly. Your culture must be a natural extension of the leadership's personality/values and the people you are attempting to recruit.

It must complement your company's aim, the competitive climate in which you operate, and the items you are developing. Having said that, there is one cultural value that should be universal - TRUST. Employers and employees alike should have faith that their coworkers are all looking out for the best interests of the organization, as this allows for improved idea exchange and communication. More importantly, people are happier in trusting environments because they are not always defending against a knife in the back.

Finally, values and culture must be a true reflection of how your organization acts and speaks at the micro and macro levels; otherwise, they are bs, and people will see right through them, eroding trust. Quitting a job requires courage and willpower because you are leaving a position that has been stable for you and has become your comfort zone. But, leaving a toxic workplace is critical for your long-term wellbeing. Go somewhere where you are recognized, valued, and admired for your accomplishments so that you can be happy and, more importantly, progress.