Elsie Low

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"It's not about technological change alone. It's about a new way of work, a business model, a mindset, and cultural change". Elsie an advocator of Digital Transformation and Gig Economy (DXGIG), now writes, mentors, and coaches one on the fundamentals of the digital transformation journey and the Gig Economy, the Future of Work. She believes in setting the right pace, especially since digitalization is a long journey. Hence, she adopted three core principles as to how one can lead, think and govern their digital journey. She can be connected at elsie.low@valuelab.com.my or DXGIG@Valuelab ( https://valuelab.com.my/). Else, you can follow her at www.linkedin.com/in/elsie-low. #Lead Digital, Think Digital, Govern Digital #DXGIG Set the Pace #DXGIG at your Service

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