Having Enough Is A Mindset

As humans we sometimes get so lost in the chase, trying to achieve the elusive dream of "having more" that we end up always feeling "not having enough".

Having Enough Is A Mindset

In an interview to promote his latest movie (Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 2022), Jim Carrey was asked if the rumours that he was retiring were true. Jim confirmed the intention of retiring from acting by stating that he was in "a good place" in his life. This video is a short clip from that interview - and which I think are some of the most powerful words a person of his stature could say.

To provide some context to why I think these words were so powerful, allow me to share a little story about yours truly. 

My father died of leukaemia when he was 48 years old. I was 20. Now, I'm 44. During the absence of a father figure, while entering fatherhood myself in my 30s, I reconnected with my late grandfather who was still living a healthy life well into his 90s back then. Usually, I will have long and deep conversations with my grandfather during Raya's visits to Johor. He always seems to know what to say and more often than not, would mention something that would help me with the issues that I faced at that point in time. 

On several occasions, we would talk about his life philosophy and what he has learned over the years. In one of those conversations, the topic drifted to how great it would be to make a lot of money. Previously I overheard that one of our distant relatives who worked at a high profile position in an oil and gas company got close to a 7-figure bonus. I spontaneously said, "He must be rich!" to which my grandfather instantly responded, "If he's rich, he would not be working anymore." I was intrigued by my grandfather's reaction and immediately seek clarification. 

"Well, if he's rich, he would have more than enough. The fact that he is still working means he doesn't have enough." 

My grandfather proceeded to explain that when the heart generates the desire to want more, it is usually because we do not feel satisfied with what we already have. This indirectly leads to stress because subconsciously we need to fill the void by doing more, earning more and wanting more. 

To which I asked, "Isn't more, better? The more we produce, the better the gain." He gave me a simple rhetorical question, "How many Rolls Royce cars are produced in a year?" 

So when I saw this Jim Carrey interview I immediately sent a prayer for my late grandfather. One of the best pieces of advice that he gave me that day, which I hold very dearly until now was when he said, "Do not ask for more because asking for more will always make you feel that you have less. Ask for "enough" and God will provide you sufficiently and your heart will be at ease." 

I have enough. I've done enough. I am enough. 

As humans we sometimes get so lost in the chase, trying to achieve the elusive dream of "having more" that we end up always feeling "not having enough". Just look at the expression on Jim's face as he says these words, that alone should explain enough.