Generation Z: Shaping The Digital Transformation

We are in the digital era combine with the forthcoming Generation Z entering the workforce

Generation Z: Shaping The Digital Transformation
Photo by Ashley Light on Unsplash

I read an article from Wired about great resignation that is happening around the world and leaders are scrambling as to how to retain their talents. Microsoft's study also found that 41% of global workforces are also considering leaving their employer this year.

The prediction didn't end there; a few months ago EY also reported that Malaysian employees wanted to continue work from home when the restriction are at ease.

Why are these happening? A couple of weeks ago, I  wrote an article about the increase of unemployed bucket. Don't workers are afraid of losing their jobs?

Well, we are in the digital era combine with the forthcoming Generation Z that entering the workforce. Soon, organizations will become digital literate. Many will felt jittery; jobs that we are familiar with today will be eliminated soon.

Hence, the transformation may happen soon as;

  • Digital Transformation will connect the world with digitization and digitalization
  • Digital Transformation will create new opportunities for remote work and workforce
  • Digital Transformation will enable digital natives generations to be more mobile and be conscious of today's workplace
  • Digital Transformation will start using smart technologies, humans, and machines to transform the future of business
  • Digital Transformation is about being digital by becoming agile and improve the speed of work by leveraging the digital technologies
  • Digital Transformation is about being customer-centric, regardless of whether you are internal or external customers
  • Digital Transformation will not only focus on customer experiences (CX), employee experiences (EX), it is also about the business of experiences (BX)
  • Digital Transformation is about cultural change for the organization to scale quickly and collaboratively
  • Digital Transformation will help to overcome the pressure of increased competition
  • Digital Transformation will change the business model to increase revenue, decrease operating cost and improve customers, employees, and business experiences
  • Digital Transformation will decrease job availability but will increase work and tasks elsewhere
  • Digital Transformation will transform and allow work opportunities globally
  • Digital Transformation will reimage organizations to adopt new ways of working
  • Digital Transformation will create jobs for the Millennials, Gen Z, and the future generations
  • Digital Transformation will transform CEO and top leaders to be digital literate
  • Digital Transformation is not just about people, marketing, technologies, process or functional change, it will change the entire organization and its business model

There are more as to why digital transformation has to happen soon, but I have to end the above list here. 

But are you ready to make a change to your organization? Digital Transformation is not about upgrading technologies or infrastructure to cater to digitalization. Therefore, before you strategize for digital transformation, consider this; 

  • Do you know the differences between Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation?
  • Do you know how to lead the Digital Transformation (DX) journey?
  • Do you have the right driver to drive the DX journey?
  • Do you have a driver that understands the entire business ecosystem, helps you to determine your future business model, help you to lead the strategies, plan and execute the change?
  • Do you know what is anticipated, the challenges ahead during the DX journey?
  • Do you know that digital transformation is not an ad hoc project?
  • Do you know that you need to connect the four dots to transform?
  • Do you know how to overcome the day 2 syndrome?
  • Do you have the expertise to drive or guide a top-down approach?
  • Do you know how to gauge the digital maturity of your current organization?
  • Do you know how to make the tactical investments to be digital-ready and literate?
  • Do you have the digital transformation roadmap ready?
  • Do you have the lead driver who will be able to transform the leadership team?
  • Do you have the mindset ahead to overcome and mitigate digital security threats?
  • Do you know that digital transformation will change the entire organization's business model, culture, corporate strategy, business processes, marketing, and the employee's future?

There are more to the above consideration. If you don't know where to start, consult, seek and engage an experienced person who has been there, did that, done that, experienced success and failure, and who understand the journey ahead before you take the leap. "Lead Digital, Think Digital, Govern Digital".