Derma Essentia, One Of The Leading Skincare Brand Exhibits Chrono Chardy, A Unique Skincare Solution

A revolutionary natural bioactive substance that revitalises the inner beauty of your skin.

Derma Essentia, One Of The Leading Skincare Brand Exhibits Chrono Chardy, A Unique Skincare Solution

Derma Essentia, a leading skincare brand exhibits Chrono Chardy an innovative natural bioactive ingredient obtained from the Chardonnay farms of Japan. It's the perfect and unique skincare solution, enriched with Vitis vinifera grapefruit extract, that works to synchronise the functioning of your skin's biological clock genes. 

Daytime genes turn on during the day to keep your skin's barrier function, which functions as a defence against the environment. Nighttime genes turn on to maintain the skin's barrier function and repair and regeneration in preparation for the day. However, today's lifestyle factors such as long work hours, UV exposure, usage of smartphones in bed, poor sleep patterns, and international travel disrupt your skin's biological clock, resulting in a damaged skin rhythm. 

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Derma Essentia introduces a range of products inspired by this concept to keep up with the constantly changing skin needs by synchronising the skin's circadian rhythm and revitalizing your inner skin beauty; to balance the skin's day and night functions. Vitamin C Serum 15%, Vitamin C Serum 7%, Vitamin C Face Wash, Sunscreen gel SPF 50, Hydration Foaming Facewash, Oil-free cleanser, anti-ageing Cream, Ultra Brightening Cleanser, Hyaluronic acid serum, and Pigment controller gel are some of the products induced with Chrono Chardy. 

Talking about this innovative ingredient, Founder of Derma Essentia, Rajesh Grover, shared, “Chrono Chardy is a concept which involves clock genes (Day & Night genes) that work differently by day and night to balance the circadian rhythm of the skin. Derma Essentia's premium skincare products created with chronochardy rescue your skin, boost your skin's circadian rhythm, and repair, restore, and defend your skin. We have understood the benefits of this ingredient and we are also looking into incorporating Chrono Chardy in our other products too.”

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