Debunking The Myth Of The Failed Marriage With Sonia Frontera

In this episode, I talk to Sonia Frontera who is an empowerment trainer, bestselling author and a divorce lawyer with a heart.

Sonia Frontera is a divorce lawyer with a heart. She is the survivor of a toxic marriage who is now happily remarried.

Sonia integrates the wisdom acquired through her personal journey, her professional experience and the lessons of the world’s leading transformational teachers and translates it into guidance that is insightful and practical.

She is a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and offers inspirational workshops and retreats. Through the years, Sonia has supported domestic violence survivors as an advocate, speaker and empowerment trainer.

She is a certified mixologist who is happiest hanging out in her country home with her husband and their three street-dogs-turned princesses. Website: