5 Ways To Build Your Credibility As a Professional Coach

Credibility sells. And as a professional coach, you have to continuously build yours so that you become more and more attractive to your target market. Remember to always make yourself as the top choice by letting your reputation speak for itself.

5 Ways To Build Your Credibility As a Professional Coach
Photo by Jaime Lopes on Unsplash

In any industry, one’s credibility matters.

Because truth be told, at the end of the day, it’s one’s credibility that sells. Gone are the days that people will simply go for the most popular one in the market. The market now is hungry for options that can deliver consistently their desired results. In this case, the real battle to become top of mind among the members of one’s target market goes beyond traditional marketing efforts. Real credibility is anchored on strong practice foundations and actual results. And as coaching becomes more and more popular worldwide, the competition gets stiffer and the need to stand out and be recognized in the industry becomes even more evident.

Allow me to share with you these 5 ways to build your credibility as a Professional Coach:


Invest in continuous learning

 You are never too good enough to learn something new. Be updated with the latest trends and practices in the industry by enrolling in coaching classes and certification programs. Remember, times are evolving and so should you. Consider joining reputable coaching organizations like the International Coaching Federation so you can learn alongside other professional coaches globally with their free resources. Grow in harmony with your practice as you learn along the way, network with like-minded people and discover new techniques and means to improve your craft. Don’t forget to do diligent research about the programs you’re getting and the institutions you intend to partner with if they’re both in alignment with your values and coaching practice.


Write timely, relevant articles

Make yourself more visible by coming up with your own blog or contribute to highly reputable sites in alignment with your coaching expertise. Writing articles help people learn about your take on current issues which resonate with them, allowing you to imprint your views along the way and make an impression. Just make sure that it’s professionally (and clearly) written and best understood by your intended readers so that it can be considered as a thought leadership article in time. Also, be mindful in choosing the sites/medium where you want to be published, because it can also make or break your credibility if it’s not in alignment with what you do.


Share your expertise across multimedia platforms

Maximize your social media platforms by creating content that is strategically aligned with your coaching expertise. Build your following and audience engagement by posting consistently relevant materials that will highlight your practice. Choose the social media platform you’re most comfortable with and own it. Explore partnerships with online communities and other entities that can help amplify your visibility and message because who knows, it can open doors for you in mainstream media.


Banner client testimonials with permission

Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing. So allow your work to speak for you. If you’ve done a tremendous job in helping people resolve their problems and create groundbreaking results in their lives as they become their best, ask permission to post their testimonials. People love to read reviews and doing this can help improve your credibility.


Practice with integrity consistently

Don’t ever compromise your integrity by plagiarizing the work of others, claiming to be an expert in something you are not, overpromising your offerings and faking your results. Remember, building credibility takes a whole lot of time, effort and commitment and you don’t want to risk losing it just because you want an easy way to go about succeeding. Keep it mindful and real because the consequences of your actions will stay long after you’ve tarnished your credibility. I always say if you want to last long in the coaching industry and thrive, start practising authentically with integrity.

There you go. I hope these will help you in building your credibility as a professional coach soon. Keep going!