COVID-19 Stopped Everything!

We have to welcome the idea and start embracing these changes

COVID-19 Stopped Everything!

Whatever you do now or whatever plans you may have in your profession, family life, or even your business, I am sure COVID-19 shook us and brought a lot of realisation to us.

The situation spared no one, with one small deadly virus, everything we have worked for, planned for changed instantaneously. What lessons have we learnt from this? How are we preparing ourselves to recover? Where will it lead us? So many questions that need answers. 

Now that we have experienced this, how are we going to pull back and continue with our lives? What direction are we going to and where to start?

It is so hard to answer, but one thing is for sure, it gave us another chance to live, an opportunity to thank God for everything we have. No one has ever imagined that this will really come to reality, we only see this in movies, but now that the universe is experiencing it, it only shows us we are not in control.

We have made so many excuses all our lives, as we have been so busy day in and out. As we slowly go back and claim our freedom from this situation, it will forever haunt us as we will now live in a world called “the new normal.”

Get used to seeing people around you wearing face masks, being paranoid, so careful, so awkward. Relationships will change for sure, as social distancing will now be a part of our normal living. You must practice speaking a little louder, as we must stand six feet apart, we should bring more patience when we go to the supermarket, and to name a few.

If you are used to commuting daily back and forth to your work, now allow yourself more time as transportation will also implement stricter measures to make sure that social distancing is in place. Come to think of it, without Covid19, commuting is already horrible, what more when “the new normal” sets in. 

Can you picture this? I am just trying to figure it out, I just could not fathom the impact on how it will really affect our lives. Change is inevitable at this stage if we want to avoid or not to acquire the virus, we have to welcome the idea now and start embracing these changes.

It will take time before we all feel normal again, and with this experience, we also have to be more mindful of our relationship, first with God, then our families. Let us not be the same person we were before, overtaken by success and forgetting the reason for our purpose. 

Are we all ready to face the new normal? Let us change our mindset and start accepting the new reality of life. We live for a reason and a purpose, let us not forget what our purpose is!